Thank God Delray is blessed with a lot of giving individuals! The 2017 list of nominees for MLK Heroes of Delray looks strong again. However, we know there are other deserving nominees out there who didn’t make the list. Please forgive us for any omissions as these are unintentional.

In general, nominees should represent outstanding contributions to the Delray Beach nonprofit sector. In particular, MLK Heroes of Delray seeks to recognize contributions made in a spirit of selfless service, compassion, and love. Think of Dr. King as an example!

Other factors we ask people to consider in nomating a hero of Delray:

  • Relevance of the contribution, i.e., how big the impact to our city
  • Scale of the contribution, i.e., how important the cause to our city’s overall health and well being
  • Character of the contribution – in what spirit has the contribution been made, e.g., selfless service, compassion, and love of neighbor

 Nominations for 2017 MLK Heroes of Delray are closed. A preliminary list of 2017 nominees appears below the line.

 2017 MLK Heroes of Delray nominees (preliminary list) 



Prentice Mobley

City Of Delray Beach Parks and Recreation

C. Ron Allen

KOP Mentoring Network

Michael Coleman

Prep & Sports and others

Arlene Ustin

Committee Against Gun Violence

Jervonte Edmonds

Suits for Seniors

Harvey Brown


Steve & Lori Martel

Milagro Center & others

Emanuel Jackson

EJ Senior Project & others

Steve Miskew

Delray Beach Historical Society & others

Shelly Zacks

Delray Beach Children’s Garden

Bill Bathurst

Delray Beach Historical Society & others

Brian Rosen

Arts Garage

Linda Prior

Interfaith Café, Family Promise, & others

Peter Armour

Arts Garage




Lee Cohen

Atlantic High School & others

Jestena Boughton

Spady Cultural Heritage Museum & others

Bob Schmier

Arts Garage

Bob Glynn


Bob Desjean

Gladiolus Education Garden




Susan Caruso

Sunflower Creative Arts

Joseph Bernadel

Toussaint L’Ouverture High School for Arts & Social Justice

Casey Cleveland

The Avenue Church

April Hazamy

CROS Ministries

Lauren Zuchman Laing

Healthier Delray Beach

Marcia Beam

St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

Juanita Bryant-Goode

CROS Ministries

Kathy Fazio

Paul’s Place

Kathleen Gannon

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

Nancy Hurd

Achievement Center for Children & Families

Melanie Winter

CROS Ministries

Jeannie Fernsworth

Delray Beach Children’s Garden

Julia & Jeff Kadel

The Miracle League




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